About Us

In 2004 Coal and Organic Petrology Services Pty Ltd was founded to provide coal and organic petrological analysis relevant to coal industry, oil & gas exploration; and environmental analysis. The company offers consultancy advice regarding the use and interpretation of petrographic data, in particular vitrinite reflectance and maceral analysis, in coal, oil & gas exploration; coal and coke preparation and product quality monitoring.

Coal & Organic Petrology Services Pty Ltd have moved premises to Balmain. We are now trading as Organic Petrology Services. and we moved premises to Balmain. For contact and address details please see the contact link

The Balmain laboratory is equipped for vitrinite reflectance, maceral analysis, microlithotype analysis (reflected white light and fluorescence), transmitted light microscopy, scanning and photomicrographic documentation.

Relevant ISO, Australian and other international Standards, as required, are applied. Analysts have continuous ICCP Accreditation.

Walter Pickel received his PhD from the Rheinish Westfaelische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen, Germany in 1991. He taught and worked at RWTH until 1998. He then joined CSIRO Petroleum in North Ryde, Sydney as a senior research scientist. In 2003 he joined Harold Read & Associates with whom he co-founded Coal & Organic Petrology Services P/L in Sydney in 2004, a company of which he is the managing director. In 2017 after the retirement of Harold Read, Walter moved the laboratory to Balmain.  Apart from teaching at Aachen University, he has been giving classes and workshops at Cologne University, in Chile, Indonesia, Germany, Iran and Australia.  He is author/co-author of many reviewed papers and abstracts. He is a member of the International Committee on Coal and Organic Petrology (ICCP) since 1991 and accredited for Coal Analysis, Coal Blend Analysis and Dispersed Organic Matter Analysis.

Elena Karmazina This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Elena-683x1024.jpg has worked with Coal and Organic Petrology Services since July 2007. She completed a Geology degree at the Moscow State University, Geology Department, Russia. She participated in Round Robin Analysis conducted by ICCP and the Australian Coal Petrology Group. She has received ICCP Accreditation since 2008.